Receive remote tachograph
download data daily

The DOT device provides daily tachograph data of your drivers’ and vehicles’ activities and automatically sends the data directly to the Tachomaster dashboards.

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Real-time access to your tacho data

Increase the visibility of your fleet with real-time downloads of your driver’s cards and vehicle unit tachograph data.

Take the stress out of downloading tacho data and let the Tachomaster DOT do it remotely and automatically.

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Increase the safety and visibility
of your drivers and vehicles

Receive instant and valuable driver and vehicle data that will help you eliminate unnecessary driver infringements. The DOT device will reduce potential risks and improve fleet safety and compliance.

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Monitor live driving times

Keep track of your driver’s, availability, work, drive and rest periods immediately. The Tachomaster dashboard displays the driver’s start of duty, live drive periods and any drive time available.

Receive instant warnings for upcoming driver breaks and alerts for insufficient breaks or any other driving infringements.

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Optimise driver and vehicle utilisation and
increase your fleet’s productivity

With live notifications of your driver’s hours, rest periods and availability you can optimise fleet utilisation and avoid vehicle and driver downtime and make the right decisions at vital times.

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Daily Downloads

Schedule daily downloads of your vehicle and driver data. The unit can also automatically download any further inserted driver cards too.

Driving Times

Monitor Driving Times

Receive instant warnings for upcoming driver breaks and alerts for insufficient breaks. Reduce driver infringements with real-time tachograph data.


Remote Downloads

Remotely download driver card and vehicle unit data instantly and streamline the stressful and time-consuming job of manually downloading tachograph data.

Tacho Data

Instant Tacho Data

The Tachomaster DOT device provides live remote tachograph data of your drivers’ and vehicles’ activities directly to the Tachomaster dashboards.


Planning Ahead

With live notifications of your drivers’ hours, you can optimise and plan routes accordingly. Improve productivity and avoid vehicle and driver downtime.


Improve Compliance

Stay on top of compliance, manage driver hours regulations and WTD rules. Reduce risks and improve the safety of your fleet with the DOT device.

Live Driver
Data App

Live Driver Data App

The Tachomaster app enables drivers to view their overall availability for the current two weeks. Plus, see their daily and weekly rests required.

Fleet Safety

Improve Fleet Safety

Receive live driver and vehicle tachograph data remotely. Reduce potential risks, improve fleet safety and eliminate driver infringements with the DOT.

Add vehicle tracking for £5
extra per vehicle per month

Gain a unique insight into your fleet’s daily operations and eliminate unsafe driving habits, cut fuel costs and improve driver safety, security and compliance all in one go.

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Increase your
fleet visibility

Upgrade to our vehicle tracking option to capture real-time data from every driver, vehicle and journey. With better visibility, you can seamlessly monitor and manage your fleet and improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs to your business.

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Improve productivity and efficiency of your fleet

Gain immediate improvements to the productivity and performance of your fleet. View your fleet’s daily operations at a glance to expose patterns, boost driver safety, reduce risks, lower fuel costs and add to your bottom line.

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£19.95 for remote tachograph downloads and vehicle tracking per vehicle per month

Receive remote tachograph downloads and vehicle tracking data from the new Tachomaster DOT device. Track your vehicles and drivers in real time, anywhere and anytime. Get in touch for more information.

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Vehicle Search

Instantly locate your nearest vehicles, making dispatching easier. Save time and reduce vehicle mileage and fuel costs.


Satellite View

Gives a bird’s eye view of your vehicles on a detailed map.


Compare Routes

Compare and calculate similar journeys by following exact routes taken by the driver. Find shorter and more efficient ways to improve route planning.

Tracking Alerts

Falcon Tracking Alerts

Create different alerts to track certain fleet activities including speeding, harsh braking and maximum waiting times within a geofence.

Watch List

Vehicle Watch List

Set up a custom­ised Vehicle Watch List triggered by specific events. Monitor your vehicles and quickly identify and resolve potential issues.


Route History

Review vehicle routes to see if the optimum route was taken. View particular events such as geofence hits and driver breaks on a map.


Web-based Software

Combine all your workforce onto a single platform, enabling drivers to access vital data, alerts and instructions while offsite.


Customise Dashboards

Customise dashboards for instant access to driver and vehicle data. Locate vehicles and drivers using the quick and simple search function.

Innovate. Integrate. Secure.

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