How does Tachomaster work?

Tachomaster is an Internet based system. All of your drivers' hours and their working times are securely stored for you on the Tachomaster Internet servers. You can simply log in to the Tachomaster servers using a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. You can view all of your driver or vehicle information, run reports or manually enter data from any Internet connected computer.

Why do I need the Tachomaster software?

The Tachomaster software that you download from this web site is the program that sends and synchronises all of your data with the Tachomaster Internet servers. You only need this program to be installed on your local computers that are used for reading drivers cards (via a card reader) or analogue tachograph charts (via a scanner).

What is needed to use Tachomaster ?

To upload your records to the Tachomaster database for storage and reporting you will need:

Can Tachomaster accept analogue (wax) paper tachograph discs?

Yes. This has been available since 23rd October 2006. You will need to purchase a wax tachograph disc scanner (available here from the Tachomaster online shop) to digitally read the analogue wax disc. Having made this investment you will then have a single digital system to extract, store, analyse and report on your tachograph data.

Remember that by law, your driver is required to carry 28 days worth of tachograph data with him in the cab. Hence you will need a system that is capable of extracting the data from the old wax analogue tacho disc on a daily basis for your "Drivers Hours" and "Working Time Directive" analysis, whilst allowing your driver to retain the actual wax discs for 28 days.

Can I buy your recommended scanner from another supplier?

Yes. Please note that the scanner offered for sale on this website has had a manufacturer upgrade to enable tachograph charts to be scanned. Scanners sourced elsewhere may not be able to scan tachograph charts correctly.

How do I get my Digital Cards (Driver, Company or Workshop)

Digital Tachograph driver and company card application packs are now available from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) - please call 0870 8501074. Workshop card application forms are now available from DVSA - please call 0300 123 9000.

Why do I need a Card Reader and VU download tool?

The Card Reader is used to read the events from your Driver's Card. This then adds Start of Duty, Work, POA (Period Of Availability), Driving, Rest, Out of Scope, Split rest and End Duty to the reports in the Tachomaster software, all relevant details are also passed to the RTD (Road Transport Directive) part of the software.

The Vehicle Download Unit is used to read Vehicle information from the Vehicle Unit (the Tachograph). This information contains Events, such as Tampering; Faults recorded with the Tacho; an overview of distances travelled, mileage etc. plus driving activity such as speed and braking.

Both of these are required to be recorded and stored by law.

Can I use the OPTAC and Siemens VDO download tools with Tachomaster?

Yes. Tachomaster has been created to read all known VU downloaders presently on the market (Nov 2006)

What are the OPTAC and Siemens VDO download tools?

The OPTAC unit allows you to have a portable card reader as well as being able to download from the VU. This means that you can visit your drivers to collect their card readings, rather than them having to come to the office. Alternatively it can be bolted to a desk for the drivers use out of hours

Once the VU/driver data has been collected simply plug the OPTAC into your PC using the USB cable provided. Open Tachomaster and click the required button; Digital Card Reader for driver card data, Vehicle Unit Reader for VU data, then browse for the file/s on the OPTAC removable drive and upload them to Tachomaster

The Siemens VDO unit works in a similar way to the Tachomaster VU download tool, both driver and VU data is collected via the download tool

Once the VU/driver data has been collected simply plug the Siemens VDO unit into your PC using the USB cable provided. Open Tachomaster and click the required button; Digital Card Reader for driver card data, Vehicle Unit Reader for VU data, then browse for the file/s on the Siemens VDO unit removable drive and upload them to Tachomaster

Detailed guides are included in the software help

Am I tied to a contract with Tachomaster?

No. There is no contract and you are free to stop using the service any time you choose.

Does Tachomaster automatically analyse RTD rules for me?

Yes. The RTD rules will be analysed, and accurate reporting on infringements etc. given, providing the records are filled in. The RTD includes Holidays, Sick days etc. and these need to be recorded. Digital Tachograph records alone are not enough to comply with all the RTD rules.

Does Tachomaster automatically calculate Driver's rules for me?

Yes. All Tachograph records entered are analysed for Driver's rules.

How much will Tachomaster cost me?

You will be charged just £ 1 per week per Worker, if you wish to also download and store your vehicle data you will be charged 50p per week per Vehicle. If there are no times entered for the week for a Worker or Vehicle you will not be charged for that week.

How do I pay for Tachomaster?

When your 28 day FREE trial expires you will be asked to complete a Monthly Direct Debit to continue use. This may either be submitted directly from the web-page for instant activation, or printed and returned to us in the post.

Is there any other way to pay?

No, Direct Debit is the only accepted method of payment. This allows us to keep our charges at the low levels we have by reducing the cost of administration.

Are my records accessible to anybody else?

No. Your data is password protected and only authorised users may access your records.

Can I analyse my Vehicle Unit records with Tachomaster?

Yes. You will need both a "Company Card" and a Vehicle Unit reader. Vehicle Unit readers are available from the Supplies page on this site. VU records are charged at 50p per Vehicle per week that contains records.

If I use Agency or Part Time Workers will I be charged for weeks they are not working?

No. Workers will only be charged for if a record exists in the week. A week for Tachomaster purposes runs from Monday 0001hrs to Sunday 2359hrs

If I decide not to use/to stop using Tachomaster for whatever reason can I have my records?

Yes. Your records are your property, call support on 01923 469222 should this be required.

Can Tachomaster be used for Non-mobile Workers?

Yes. All rules for the WTD (working time directive) are also contained within the software.

Can I record holidays and sickness?

Yes. All days not working due to holidays etc. can be recorded and the WTD/RTD rules applied as required.

How will I know whether there is a newer version of Tachomaster?

Each time you start Tachomaster the software automatically checks to see whether there is a newer version available. If there is a newer version you will be asked whether you want to download it or continue with the version you have.

Will upgrading affect my existing data?

No. Any upgrades you download will install "over the top" of your existing version and will not affect any data you have already uploaded.

Can I call support if I have problems installing or upgrading Tachomaster?

Yes. Support is available on 01923 469222 between the hours of 0800 and 1830 *Monday to Friday, alternatively e-mail your enquiry to There is no charge from Road Tech for this e-mail facility.*Excludes UK public and bank holidays

Can I use the FREE 28 day Tachomaster trial if I have another system installed and have already downloaded the records from my Driver's card?

Yes. Digital analysis systems only read Driver's cards, they never delete any of the activities recorded to it.

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