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Tachomaster Client For Windows

Click to Download for Windows (30.4MB)

If prompted, save the install file to your computer and double-click the file when the download is finished.

Minimum System Requirements
Installation Notes

Looking for Tachomaster Worker?
Find it on Google Play and the App Store.

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The Tachomaster Worker app is for workers and drivers, you will need a User ID and PIN number to login - an office user account is not a valid login. Contact your Tachomaster administrator to get your login details.

Have a Mac? Look below for the Tachomaster Card Reader for OS X.

Before installing Tachomaster, please take time to review the minimum system requirements and installation notes. In case of difficulty, support is available by calling our support line on 01923 469222. Support is available on this number between the hours of 0800 and 1830.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

Hardware Driver Downloads

Minimum System Requirements

Note: Tachomaster uses the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework

Mac OS X

3rd Party Hardware Drivers

The following links will provide you with the latest drivers for 3rd party hardware devices.

If you are having any issues with your scanner or card reader install the latest version of the drivers available from the manufacturer's web site below:

Panasonic Scanner

KV-S1025C Driver and Utilities

KV-S1046C Driver and Utilities

Fujitsu Scanner

Driver and Utilities

Cherry Card Reader

Device Driver

Siemens Card Reader

Device Driver


Device Drivers

DigiVU Drivers

Device Driver

Mac Card Reader

To upload driver cards from Mac OS X Tachomaster provides a simple application that you can download below:

Download the Tachomaster Card Reader for Mac (48.7MB)

Once installed the Tachomaster Card Reader will be available in Applications. Run the application and log in with either Tachomaster user credentials or you may log in with a Worker User ID and PIN.

More information can be found on the Road Tech Knowledge Base.

Note: If you are running an Apple with an M1 chip you will need to install the Rosetta application and enable it for the Tachomaster Card Reader.

View Rosetta guide on support.apple.com

Windows Basic Card Reader

This application will read driver cards and upload them directly to Tachomaster:

Download the Tachomaster Card Reader for Windows (82.3MB)

You may log in to the application with either Tachomaster user credentials or you may log in with a Worker User ID and PIN.

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