Tachograph Analysis Made Easy

Your tachograph analysis is easy, quick and cheap with Tachomaster.

You can analyse analogue tachographs, digital tachograph drivers cards and vehicle units.

For digital tachograph analysis with Tachomaster, the only thing you have to do is put the digital tachograph driver's card into the card reader.

Tachomaster will automatically read and instantly analyse the card for you.

Tachograph analysis of analogue charts is just as simple too …

All you have to do is scan the analogue chart and then enter the centre field details.

Within one minute your tachograph analysis will be complete. You'll be fully compliant and will know whether any Drivers' Hours, or Working Time Directive infringements have been made.

When you use Tachomaster for your tachograph analysis you don't have to be a drivers' hours - or working time directive - expert.

Tachomaster will automatically alert you to any infringements. Any breaking of the rules are explained in plain English as well as showing you the exact piece of the legislation that has been infringed.

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3 Steps To Easy Tachograph Analysis

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Vehicle Utilisation

Vehicle Utilisation reports and calendar views are now available. You can see a glance how many hours your vehicles have been driven, and who was driving it. You can see how many miles that vehicle drove and if there is any missing mileage. The calendar view allows you to quickly move between the vehicle and the driver to see the activities from both.

Analogue Analysis

Automated Analogue Tachograph Analysis - With a scanner, which can be purchased from the supplies page, you scan in analogue tachograph charts and have them automatically analysed by Tachomaster. Digital data will be seamlessly combined so you can see Drivers' periods of drive, work, rest and availability at a glance.

Driver Card Download

The Driver Card Download allows you to download all your drivers tachograph cards and have the system automatically analyse your times - Download Tachomaster Now FREE

Driver Utilisation

Driver Utilisation reports show you a breakdown of how many hours each driver has driven, as well as an average across all of your sites. This can allow you to see if anyone may be approaching their limit of drive time, or who has the most time available.

Daily Summary

Daily Summary shows you how much time a worker has available to work and/or drive taking into account EU Drivers Hours and Working Time Directive rules


Tachograph Infringements are shown clearly and give you an explanation of why it has occured, you will be able to see all the tachograph events that caused it

The Day View

The Day View displays a breakdown of that day's work - customisable for night workers to start at whatever time of day you wish. For analogue tachographs you can also view the original scanned chart.

Summary Reports

Summary Reports to display all your workers and any EU Drivers Hours or Working Time Directive infringements they have incurred. With user access set up to display only workers you should have access to

Report Graphs

Report Graphs are available for workers and vehicles to give you a visual display of the downloaded data - see patterns in vehicle data to help optimise vehicle usage

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